IC-T2a Radio Guide

The DoC is proud to present a resource for radio hacking and experimentation.

This reference is for the ICOM IC-T2a, it is advised that people us their radio responsibly and legally.


The IC-T2 single band radio for those that need a rugged yet inexpensive single band radio in the 4 to 7 watt range.
If you are for a spare or a loaner single band HT in the 4 to 6 watt range this is what you want.


A scanned copy of the manufacturers manual is available at http://www.dis.org/radio/radios/ic-t2/ic-t2h.pdf.

For a printed copy please contact the manufacturer

Reset: Hold [A] & [C] buttons and turn the radio on.


The IC-T2 reception range can he increased by powering the unit on while holding the SP and up scan arrow for 5 seconds. This will expand the unit's operation to the 130 MHz to 180 MHz range (this includes the MURS freqs).

Simple hardware modifications are also available. See the links section at the bottom of the page for examples.


Manufacturer's WWW page: http://www.icomamerica.com/support/archive/amateur/ic-t2a.html.
QRZ's modification reference: http://qrz.com/download/mods-i-k/ict2a.txt

Maintained by OldWolf <> & Peter Shipley <> PI

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