About Carolyn P. Meinel

This page will be dedicated to list the shit she has tried to pull off on me.

Carolyn P. Meinel Ring of Shame
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  • 1995, DefCon3 August 5, Tropicanna Hotel, Las Vagas, NV
    This is where I first met the woman known Carolyn Meinel, and she tryed to steal my password as I tried to use her notebook for a quick telnet. Later preceded to brag about a new hack/exploit called POP that allows you to read your email with out loging in (a documented feature).
  • 1997, DefCon5, Las Vegas, NV
    Carolyn Meinel files a false report with the FBI that my friend erik, chris and myself were planing on assasinate her by HERF'ing her room at the hotel.
    We are intreviewed by the FBI.
  • 1998, Spring
    Carolyn Meinel places me on the cover of her book and refuses to remove me.
  • 1998, Fall
    Carolyn Meinel reports that I (among others) are members of the infamous hacker/cracker group HFG.
    I am (again) intreviewed by the local FBI.
  • 1998, Winter
    Carolyn Meinel mails people that I am one of many hackers working for a subvertive underground Goverment group with Oliver North. Read about it in her own words.
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