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DoC Beer is a hand crafted brew made of the finest quality ingredients. The creation process of each brew is supervised by the master brewers HCF and Wyatt Earp for purity and strength, thus assuring each batch is a unique in its qualities.

Avaliable styles:

Note: This item is only available at DoC events and DoC attended functions.

It is important to exercise extreme caution with any sort of Dis.Org commemorative brew. Especially dangerous is the "Brown Box Barley Wine" that was distributed by the Crew at recent DefCon. We have reports that one bottle of this stuff left 3 people completely debilitated at a recent party. One of the people affected awoke the next day to describe his injuries as "Massive Head Trauma."

Consumption of "FireWire Stout" may lead to dizzyness and lack of sleep.

(1) Consumption of DoC Brew may inhibit Celibacy.
(2) Consumption of DoC Brew may impair ones ability to examine a system undetected and build functional back doors.

Maintained by Peter Shipley <> PI

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