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The DoC Tools Pack (tm) is a full penetration toolkit. Perfect for all your building hacking needs.

Each set contains a hand selected assortment of tools and resources need to accomplish the most hairy of missions.

Each case contain at least the following:
  • Folding Crowbar
  • Spare Yeasu Battery **
  • AC Inverter
  • Sub Notebook *
  • Lockpicks (83 piece set)
  • Combination Magnesium Tape and Dental Floss.
  • Mini-Socket Set.
  • Cordless Soldering Iron and Heat Torch.
  • Voice Modifier
  • Bell-Systems Phone Butt Set
  • Phone Punchdown Tools
  • Pocket Super-Sawzall
  • Freon Freezing Spray
  • Luminance Flares
  • Fluke Digital Multimeter
  • Super Glue (jell and liquid forms)
  • HeatSink Paste
  • Dentist Tools
  • Wire Patch Kit
  • Insulated Foresceps
  • Stethoscope
  • Stud Finder
  • Cordless Micro Dremmel
  • Pocket reverse osmosis gas detector
  • Color micro-printer / laminator
  • Carbon-Fiber Impregnated Wiresaw
  • One Towel & Whip
  • One MRE & Pint Potable Water ***
  • Alcohol (Potable)
  • AUI, TokenRing, 10BT ethernet adapters.
  • 20 meters CAT-5 cable
  • RJ45 & RJ11 Crimpless connectors
  • Tazer (300,000 Volt w/ SmartCard adapter)
  • Assortment of relevant Operator Manuals
  • Fiber-Optic Bend Intercepter
  • Disposable cameras
  • Phone Tap Kit.
  • Latex Gloves (Finger printed)
  • Night-Vision monocle
  • Black Light Kit
  • Near IR Video Adapter
  • SunPack 4800Watt/second Strobe (with motion trigger)
  • Low Freq Video Jammer
  • Brasso Super Brass Cleaner (in Hypo)
  • CTEK Kit
  • Wrench/Plier Set (inc. mico & Leatherman)
  • 10/100Bt 4-Port Mini Hub
  • Ten Amp-Hour 12V battery power supply
  • Solder
  • Nylon & Stainless Zip-Ties
  • Micro Screws & Nuts
  • Grounding Strap
  • Security Screwdriver set (torx & hollowbox included)
  • Key Maker
  • Near-field Freq. Counter.
  • Razor Blades
  • One Hammer
  • Condom (flavored)
  • Latest Issue of 2600 Magazine


Sub notebook comes pre-loaded with the following software: Local street map software, FCC frequency database, SmartCard duplication and emulation software, Yeasu reprogramer, Cryptographic file security, Tone decoder, Back Orifice installation kit, Every Disk Driver (Mac/Win), Norton Anti-Virus, Full Virus Set, Eeprom Burning Toolkit, Hex Editor, ID-Card Templates, Universal IR-Remote Control Emulator, X10 Wireless Interface (with adapters), and Network Sniffer.

** Yeasu Sold separately

*** Please Specify Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian

Note: This item is only available on special order.

Comes in a Magnesium-Hyper-Alloy Case (with self-destruct ignition)

Duct Tape optional

This kit is only legal in 2 of 50 US states (export restriction will apply)

Maintained by Peter Shipley <> PI

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