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The DoC Video is a archivable documentary of the adventuress and exploits of DoC members and affiliates.

Each video is a high-quality piece documenting adventures and high-jinx as witnessed by members of the DoC.

Avaliable formats:

Note: The contents of these videos may contain nudity and/or strong language. Any events depicted in these videos should not he attempted by anyone whom wishes not to be arrested or investigated by the FBI or local law enforcement agencies.

Avaliable Titles:

Hackers 95:
90 minutes long, featuring interviews with the people who make the scene as well as footage from SummerCon95, Defcon III, Area 51, Operation CyberSnare, and MORE.
The Burning Man Chronicles:
Images and events from the Burning-man fest ('96, '97, '98).
Hackers 98:
90 minutes long, footage of people doing the deeds they are known for. with footage from SummerCon, Defcon, Area 51 and much much MORE.
Hackers 2000:*
90 minutes long, more of the now famous hacker video.
(to be released in the spring of 2000).

*Hackers 2000 will ONLY be available in HDCAM (1080i) and WVHS (HiVision) HDTV formats.

All works copyrighted, edited and produced by Phon-e and RF-Burns.

Maintained by Peter Shipley <> PI

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