Hi! This is William Knowles' PGP information, Designed to tell you
how much to trust my signature, and public key block.  I use PGP 6.0.2
for 100% of the mail that I encrypt, It is generally at least a 4000-bit
key for regular use.  

I do all my PGP work on a non-networked Intel-based PC, so I suppose
that it could be stolen by burglars, black bagged by a team of crack
NSA/CIA/GCHQ/DSD/CSE/ stormtroopers, or by rogue Greys working with
Men in black helicopters, But it is far more secure than most of the 
other systems that I have peeked into in the past.  :)

I certify keys for people I know well by voice over the phone (rare)
and other people only in person.  If PGP asks you how much you trust
me, I would recommend probably a 3 or so unless you have met me or
know me.

Below is my contact information, Contact me for my latest PGP key since
I usually create keys for short periods of time, One reason being to foil
traffic-analysis and the other is because I move to different computers alot.

William Knowles

William Knowles
Post Office Box 24
Golf, IL 60029-0024
42 03 32 N, 87 47 33 W

William Knowles erehwon@dis.org
Last updated 12.11.99