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DoC Merchandise

DoC Merchandise

Effort is made to bring your the best quality hardware for your every hacking need. We field test to ensure it meets our exacting standards. Remember, it's not your life, it's your reputation.

Coming soon:

DoC Beer, prized for it's high alcohol count as well as it's taste

DoC Engineer boots. Solvent proof, fiber-reinforced, and steel toed, these boots can last a lifetime

DoC brand personal silent defense mini-crossbow.
Accurate and stress-releaving

DoC Chromium Chronometer
Good for Benchmarking
Hooks easily onto belt.
$15.00 per Pint
(available only at DoC events)
$300 per pair
(specify size)
(Must provide proof of age)
(Includes limited warranty)

A perfect complement to the personal silent defense mini-crossbow these DoC darts are 100 Tungsten and come in weights from 23g to 29g

A floppy full of "interesting" software.

Aquatic-vision eye goggles. Laser etched with DoC logo on lenses A must for dumpster divers.

DoC Video. View in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

(specify weight)
(Specify Linux, Solaris or xBSD)
(Available in clear and opaque)
(Must provide proof of age)

DoC personal, temporary tattoos Use to create discriminating marks for your profile.

DoC Shirt available in Black
(label shown lighter than appears on shirt)

DoC Hard Disk warmer and eraser. Unfreeze those older drives

DoC full penetration toolkit. Contains more than you'll ever need.

$35.95 pack $19.95
(size: m,l,xl,xlt,2xl,2xlt,3xl, 3xlt)
(US and UK plugs avail.)

DoC logo lock. Rust resistant.

DoC Cufflinks. Show your association on your night out.

DoC Baseball cap.
Helps to reduce your IR signature

DoC modified Yeasu FT50 preprogrammed to all your favorite channels
$6.95 $75.98
(Specify French or clip)
(Available in sizes 6 through 7 9/16)
(High gain antenna extra)

DoC radiation helmet. Rust resistant.
$145.95 (One size fits most)

Maintained by Peter Shipley <> PI

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